About Us

Hello! Our names are Josh, Mayra, Emma (5), Abigail (4), and Tristan (2), and we are a most-time traveling family! Our goal is to inspire other families to spend more time together through travel and to think outside of the box in terms of locations/activities that they can experience together. We sold almost everything we own to have the freedom to spend quality time with each other, by traveling as a family and sharing our adventures with our audience!


How You Can Partner With Us


We offer professional photographs for social media and business needs.  We travel with different types of camera equipment, and we are experienced in shooting with a variety of backgrounds / locations in relatively short time frames.


We can provide high quality videos, which can include drone footage, to promote your brand/product.  Our videos portray an authentic and cinematic experience to our audience.

Written Content On Our Website

We are happy to create a fair and thorough review of your product or service to be showcased on our website! This includes highlighting your brand/product, and describing how our audience can enhance their life or travel experiences by using it.

Sponsorships / Ambassadorships / Takeovers

We provide multi-channel collaboration through our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts. This enables your brand to connect effectively with our audience through multiple avenues and timeframes.


If you feel your product or service is a good fit with our audience, we accept donations to provide as giveaways through Instagram and/or Facebook. Our audience can be asked to connect with your brand in order to be eligible for a giveaway.

Sponsored Trips / Experiences

We work with brands, tourism boards and promotional companies to feature hotels, excursions, activities and other recreational experiences in any part of the world.

Our Audience

Core Age Range
Secondary Age Range
78% Women
22% Men
Top Locations:
United States
United Kingdom
High Engagement Rate

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