Every Journey Begins with A Single Step


We are a “most-time” travel family, which means we travel as often as we can for as long as we can. We work remotely as much as possible and homeschool our children to have the flexibility to enjoy traveling the world with our family. For our most recent updates and tips, subscribe us.



    Every Journey Begins with A Single Step!

    Hi! We’re World Stompers:)
    Let’s go travel

    We have chosen to call ourselves WorldStompers for several reasons. First because it was the book “World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto”, by Brad Olsen that ignited Josh’s passion for travel initially when he was 18 years old! That combined with our goal to set foot around the world, while learning to minimize our ecological footprint, led us to ultimate decision to call ourselves World Stompers!

    We are a family of Five that has set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

    World Stompers

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