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About Us

Hello World!

We are the Bazavilvazos! I know… it’s a long one, so we normally go by Baz, or well, just call us WorldStompers!

We are a family of Five that has set off on the adventure of a lifetime. We’ve sold most of what ties us down to one place, we rent our house as a vacation rental, we’ve learned to work remotely for a greater part of each year so that we are able to travel “most-time” and explore the planet as a family.

See, we were living the dream (or so we thought) in sunny Southern California. Mayra had a beautiful dental practice with an ocean view and Josh has a company called Pet Dental Services, which does teeth cleanings on cats and dogs without putting them under anesthesia. Pretty cool, right? Anyway, we had a little house with lots of toys, and the kiddos went to good schools in our area. Everything was fine and dandy, but we were not happy! This life was just not right for us. We were not spending time together. We were stuck in the proverbial wheel, watching life pass us by day after day. School-work-home-repeat.

We wanted more! Actually, we wanted less. Less stuff, less stress, less busyness, less distance. We wanted to replicate the feeling of being on vacation and all that we love about traveling on a daily basis. More time together, more learning on a global and cultural level, more being present for each other, and as citizens of the world, more giving back. So Mayra sold her practice and Josh has set up his company so that he can work remotely most of the year, and we’re taking off!


Welcome to our family travel website! We are thrilled that you have chosen to read about our adventures. Whether you are planning to travel as a family soon or you are a seasoned traveler looking to discover new destinations, we hope you will find our website informative and inspiring.

Why Worldstompers?

We have chosen to call ourselves WorldStompers for several reasons. First because it was the book “World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto” by Brad Olsen that ignited Josh’s passion for travel initially when he was 18 years old! That combined with our goal to set foot around the world, while learning to minimize our ecological footprint, led us to ultimate decision to call ourselves World Stompers!

Our Travel Plans

Our itineraries will be flexible and casual, but our goals are very important to us. In these next few years, we hope to:

Spend time together as a family.
Live fuller lives with less.
Spend more time being, rather than doing.
Be more compassionate and open our minds and our hearts along the way.
World-school our children, teaching them by giving them experiences.
Learn hands-on about our planet, and about ways that we can help preserve it.
Share what we learn along the way in hopes that it will inspire others to dare to live their dream.

We love to inspire families with kids to expand their idea of adventures they can experience as a family. Whether you pick up a tip or two that can make your life easier during your travels or you consider new destinations, join us as we travel around this beautiful planet together!


Hi! I’m Mayra, and I’m so excited to share my family’s travel adventures with you! Although I am a periodontist by trade (a dentist specializing in gum surgery and implant placement), my ultimate passion is my family, traveling, photography, embracing other cultures, and learning to make our beautiful planet a better place.

I’m originally from Florida, and I moved to California just before Josh and I got married in 2010. I love photography, and I take most of the still photographs on our travels. I’m a foodie. I love to cook, to garden, and doing crafts. I’m a hoarder of frequent flyer miles and have been using them to fly around the world for close to twenty years now. I’ve been helping family and friends plan vacations and use points for almost as long also.

My love for travel started at a young age, when I went to Europe for the first time with my grandparents at 8 and 11 years old. These were like sampler trips that got me hooked on travel and left me yearning for more! After that, I tagged along with my grandparents on several other trips to Europe and to the Caribbean, travelled with my family to Asia and South America, went on ski vacations and cruises, and studied abroad in Tours, France while in college at Georgetown University. I can honestly say that I owe my passion for travel, and my love for photography, to my grandmother, who had an outrageous wanderlust and the largest photo album collection I have ever seen!


Hey! I’m Josh. I was born and raised in Southern California, but I have been all about travel for as long as I can remember. I left my parents’ house at 17 to visit Brazil for several months, and I never looked back! Before meeting Mayra, I had hiked the Na Pali Coast, toured most of Indonesia, spent a good amount of time in Mexico, and taken many surf trips to Costa Rica and Panama. My love for the simple life has always pulled me towards being abroad. However, my love for animals has kept me grounded in the US for the past 20 years. I currently am the owner and founder of Pet Dental Services, a company that focuses on performing routine dental cleanings for cats and dogs without putting them under anesthesia! It’s been a life’s passion and work that has led me to have the flexibility that I have today, to explore the world with my family. I am a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and I try to incorporate the practice of Jiu Jitsu during our travels as well. I enjoy surfing, wake boarding, snowboarding, and dirt bike riding.


Hi! I’m Emma, and I go by Emi, Em or Eminem. I’m the oldest and the leader of the kids. I’m super curious, I ask a lot of questions, and I have a great memory.

My favorite food is pizza, but I really love sweets. I’m really good at puzzles and games. I like playing dress up, painting my nails, and styling my hair too! My sister Abby is my best friend, and her and I love to play, watch movies and eat popcorn together. We’re also really good at playing jiu jitsu with our dad. We normally play 3 against one!


Hi! My name is Abigail, but I go by Abby or Abba Zabba, or Crabby Abby when I’m being fussy (which of course, is never!). I love books, music, and candy. I’m the silliest of the three of us, and I always try to make everyone smile. Making funny faces and sounds are my specialty! I love animals, especially cats, and I really like to be outside. I’m super fast on a bike (with training wheels of course), and I like to play the piano and sing too.


Hi! I’m Tristan, And I sometimes go by Tris. I’m very inquisitive, and by inquisitive I mean nonstop! I love to run, climb, jump, and touch everything. I love to eat, and I eat mostly anything. Snuggles with my mom are the best, and I really like to hang on her hip like a baby koala, although my mommy says I’m getting too big and heavy?! I love animals, although some animal sounds (like a crowing rooster) are a little scary for me. I really love trains and anything to do with water!

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